cheap iphones


IPhones are some of the most expensive phones on the market today, but that doesn’t mean you cannot find them for relatively cheap iPhones if you look for them . For the cheapest upfront cost in acquiring an iPhone, your best bet is to look at what the cellphone carriers have to offer. Carriers generally offer highly subsidized cheap iPhones for a fraction of what they actually cost. This is in exchange for a commitment from you to purchase their services for up to two years.

For example, you can currently get the newest iPhone 5s from all of the major carriers for $199.99; while if you were to buy the same phone outright it would cost between $649.99 and $849.99. For even cheaper, you can get the iPhone 4S for just one dollar. While this system is great for many people, keep in mind that you are locked into a contract when you go this route. While you will have gotten a really cheap iPhone, you will not have the option to switch carriers during agreed upon term period without incurring substantial penalties.

If you want to purchase a cheap iPhone without a contract, you have fewer options available. Depending upon your budget, your best bet may be to purchase a used or refurbished iPhone. While this has its drawbacks, like being limited to older models, you can often get fantastic deals on otherwise great iPhones. Most of the major carriers offer cheap iPhones that are refurbished, as well as some retail outlets. You can also find lots of used iPhones online through auction sites like eBay; however most will not come with any warranty unlike a refurbished iPhone.

Although a bit more risky, you may find the best bargain on a cheap iPhone through a private seller. Be sure that you fully check out the phone and it’s functionality before purchasing it. If all looks good, often times cheap iPhones are found from other owners who want to make a quick buck to get a newer iPhone.